Welcome to NapaWood

Sandwiched between the Napa Valley and The Valley of the Moon, NapaWood is an ongoing expedition into the 200ish acres of steep, overgrown California Bay/ Coastal Redwood mountainside that comprise the Levine Homestead. My name is Adam B. Levine, and I'll be your guide.

Our Schtick

Blessed with a backyard  full of adventure, we trek on foot up the mountain several times a week and return with dramatic photographs and interesting artifacts.  We sort through hundreds of shots to find 10-15 crisp, vibrant images in a particular niche, and release it along with a photo blog entry. These forests don’t stand still and every rain, tree fall or landslide trails a burst of activity in its wake, it’s our job to capture that whenever possible.

High Quality Prints for cheap!

Technology is a beautiful thing, in this case making it possible to for you to own beautiful, vivid enlargement prints of any NapaWood series for bargain basement prices.  Purchasing a full series of 10-15 prints (They make great gifts!) reduces the price per print to under $5 per 8×8 or under $20 per 20×30, and those prices include shipping!  Individual prints are also available through the NapaWood Print Shop starting at 1.99 per print with no minimum order and flat rate shipping.

Handmade Sticks & Rails

In the last year I’ve taken to making walking sticks and handrails from branches and withes and found people pleased with their smooth finish and light weight.  I’m happy to say you may now order a handmade redwood walking stick with a textured rubber tip in the store.Each one is unique, either a strong crooked limb from a fallen tree, a piece of twisty root found in the creek, or the top 6′ of a 30′ redwood cull. I peel each with a knife, sand with grits from 80-220 and finish with an old mountain mans oil concoction for a golden weatherproof finish. Walking Sticks include a hand formed flexible rubber tip to prevent scuffs (Custom Rubber Grip Also Available), Rails are available with or without hardware. Dyed versions are also available.

Custom Customers

If you’re an individual with needs that can be met with redwood forest products, we’d love to hear from you.


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